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Venitian walk

Tour from St. Mark's Square to Strani Hill and Venetian Castle.

Leaving St. Mark's Square and heading towards Kapodistriou Street, where we meet the Church of St. Nicholas ton Xenos (of the foreigners) and Timiou Prodromou (Metropolitan Church) and the convent of the Metropolis, we ascend the "New Rouga", as it was called during the English occupation (today's Filikon), on the left was the Church of St. Demetrios the Kola. The iconostasis of the temple was not burned and is on display at the Zakynthos Museum. Then, there was the Petit Palais Hotel, owned by Dim. Kladis. Opposite was the Hariatis Manor, where Metropolitan Chrysostomos Demetriou of Zakynthos lived. Just above it is located the church of Saint Catherine the Grypari. Continuing the uphill road were the English Monuments (today's Open-air Municipal Theatre).

On the road of Psiloma on the right there was the Villa Roma, which was bought by the businessman Giannis Kollaitis, who on the steps of the entrance had embedded the word ΑΛΛΑ (greek word meaning however), denoting the futility of worldly goods.

On the left we find an alley that leads to the historic Church of Agios Georgios of Filikon (members of a Greek society that assisted on the Greek Revolution) of the Latinou Family and to the Jewish Cemetery and the Church of Agios Stylianos.

Continuing on the road of Psiloma, there is the church of Agios Spyridon the Ntanoufri, with a spring of running water. 

Moving on, there is the crossroad of the Psiloma, known as the Cross. The right road leads to Sargead Manor, where the Catholics had set up camp. In the same area is located the mansion of Nikolaos Solomos, father of the national poet.

A few meters from the crossroads on the right, an alley leads to Strani's Hill, in which D. Solomos wrote the "Hymn to Freedom". 

The left road leads to Bochali, seems like a balcony overlooking the city, the port and mount Skopo up to the beaches of Laganas, but also the island of Kefalonia and the opposite coast of the Peloponnese. The Temple of Zoodochos Pigi or Chrysopigi with the Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary is also located there.

In the square there was the Mansion of Metropolitan Dionysios Latas, known as the "Vatican". One of the temples of the suburb was the Church of Agia Paraskevi, which survives today.

Moving through the suburb of Bochali we meet the Gate of the Venetian Castle. Inside the Castle was founded the ancient town Psophida, from Zakynthos, the son of King Dardanus from Arcadia, when the island was inhabited in antiquity.