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The Litrature of Zakynthos

Literary tour

The coastal city was built on islets, strips of land and embankments from the middle of the 16th century and it can be said that today’s city does not differ much from the old one. The construction phases of the city, as well as the lives of the inhabitants of each era, can be followed through excerpts from short, bright literary texts, written by important writers - poets, which will bring the application to life and help users travel through time.

In addition, important places - monuments throughout the island are enriched by literary passages in a literary tour, which documents the history, enriches and unfolds all the elements that justify the characterization of Zakynthos as "The Flower of Levante ".

Literary records for the tour include:

  1. “Navagio” (Tour in northern Zakynthos): Poem by Dionysios Serras 

  2. The square of Saint Paul (Agios Pavlos square) (Τour from "Mesa Meria" of Chora (Steno Foros) to the arch of Saint Lazarus): Description of the square based on the “The withered flower” by A.Ι. Liberis, 1988, page 42. 

  3. Rouga square (Τour from "Mesa Meria" of Chora (Steno Foros to the arch of Saint Lazarus): The autobiography of Gregorios Xenopoulos, chapter 5: “Our shop – Rouga Square”, pp. 91-92.

  4. “Pasteli” (Sesame seed candy), A culinary tour): “Zakynthos”, poem by Ioannis Tsakasianos.

  5. Ugo Foscolo Museum: Le Grazie by Ugo Niccolò Foscolo

  6. Anafonitria: “The abbot of Anafonitria” by Andreas Martzokis, Library of Zakynthos Studies, introduction by Giannis Chrysikopoulos, "Mellon" publications., Zakynthos 1982 (excerpt)

  7. Zakynthos fireworks: Ioannis M.Demetis, "Agios Lazaros my neighborhood. Journeys on the paths of yesterday", publications “I Filoi tou Periplou”, 1995, from the chapter: "Saint Lazarus festivities and the bonfires", pp. 165-172.

  8. Domeneghini Tower: Dionysios Solomos, “Galini” in “Apanta”by Dionysios Solomos, publications “N.Damianou”.

  9. At the Monument for the friendly relations between Zakynthos and Souli, based on the lyrics from "Filopatri" by Andreas Kalvos, performed by the "Singers of Zakynthos" (Tragoudistades tsi Zakynthos) in the Solomos Museum, musicalization by Dimitris Lagiou