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Orchid species
Flora Zakynthos Zakynthos

Due to the climate in the Ionian Islands with wet and mild winters, but also dry summer period in combination with the influence of the marine element, the οrchid (in various species) is blossoming. In the Ionian 70 orchid species have been recorded and protected by law as they are threatened by anthropogenic pressures. It is a wild plant that can function as an indicator of an entire ecosystem as they use soil fungi to bloom and for their reproduction they need various insects as pollinators. Indicative species are: Anacamptis, Cephalanthera, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, Himantoglossum, Limodorum, Neotinea, Neottia, Ophrys, Orchis, Platanthera, Serapias and Spiranthes.