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Keri nature

  ​ Environmental Route Keri Village - Myzithres

Homer mentions Zakynthos by the word "Hyliessa" which means covered in forests and indeed due to the many rainfall it is a lush island with rich in flora which one can enjoy on this route. The walk starts from the village of Keri and makes a beautiful circular path which first passes from the lighthouse of Keri, then Myzithres, two huge white rocks emerging from the deep blue waters and a Mycenaean tomb east of the village. It is about five kilometers long and has a moderate degree of difficulty which makes it ideal for all ages. During most of the route one can explore and observe almost all flora species that exist on the island but mainly it is a route rich in all the protected species of the orchid that exist in Zakynthos.

Leaving the village of Keri, heading west of the island, you will find the Lighthouse of Keri. It is a tower of nine meters built 200m above the sea on the edge of a cliff which was built in 1925 to help passing vessels avoid collision with the really steep cliffs of the region. Then the path in the south passes through the area Myzithres a region with special natural beauty as it has a magnificent panoramic view which can reach the coast of Southern Italy. There, the visitor can enjoy one of the most beautiful and picturesque sunsets in the Ionian Sea. The white of the rocks, the blue of the sea, and the steep slopes of the cliffs that characterize this side of the island as well as the green mountains compose a landscape of amazing natural beauty that the visit to the point becomes a life experience. From there, you can see the west coast of the island which thanks to the ancient seismic activity of the area form impressive landscapes of wild slopes and towering white cliffs, which enchant the visitor. Finally, it is worth noting that the western coasts of the island have been designated as NATURA 2000 areas (GR2210001). Continuing the green path towards the east of the island one can find an ancient Mycenaean tomb of great historical and cultural importance. Similar graves have been found on the island in the village of Kambi. Finally, the route leads back to the village where it started.